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NEIRUD awarded Best Screenplay at MixBrasil Film Festival, 2023

NEIRUD awarded Best Feature Film and Best Editing 

at Olhar de Cinema, Curitiba Int'l Film Festival 2023

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"...Faya is able to connect the past to the present and brings to light the usually unseen arbiters of what becomes important."

                                                            - The Moveable Fest | November, 2023 

"She [Faya] edits everything into a beautiful mix of shifting images that evoke a dynamic tapestry of vibrant humanity."

                                                    -Hammer to Nail | November, 2023 

"Neirud is not only a great love story, but an acute survey of Brazilian history and progress made in women's place in society. "

                                                                - ScreenAnarchy  | October, 2023

"No matter how deep the investigation may be, there always remains something undefined, a thread of the unknown, an opening for mystery. A beautiful film."

              - Estadão | June, 2023

"A very personal narrative makes Fernanda Faya's documentary a great surprise at Olhar de Cinema 2023."

                                                                        - Plural | June, 2023

"All the narratives are intricately woven into a beautiful, identitarian work, where the moving images serve to unravel and clarify, ultimately leading to a reckoning with the truth."

                                                                        - ABBRACINE | June,  2023

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